Maybe your question has been asked before! Here are our frequently asked questions:

1. How will this affect my chances of getting into a university?

Universities want you to challenge yourself while in high school. They want to see that you've selected courses that push you to learn as much as you can in four years. HS courses are certainly one way to show that you've taken rigorous courses. The Roosevelt Innovation Academy is another. See more on the "University Acceptances" tab, just above.

2. How will I be graded?

The majority of the feedback you receive will be formative and narrative. Throughout the process of any project, the teacher will guide you to think deeply about what you're doing, and your classmates will challenge you as well to perform better. At midterm and at the end of each semester, the teacher will work with you to decide where you are in terms of mastering various skills, and your peers will as well.

3. What will my commitment be?

The Innovation Academy requires that you make a one-year commitment when entering the cohort in 9th or 10th grade.