Teen Talk

Unit Question: How do we control our emotions before they control us?

Another project the 9th grade cohort works on is a podcast, where we focus on the importance of being aware and in control of our emotions. Our main purpose is to discuss classic teen issues that might not be talked about; normalizing them, and creating solutions by discussing personal experiences and having open conversations.

The first step in this project is to find the main topic all the episodes should fall under, which connects to the product, audience, and purpose we've chosen, meanwhile also making sure these align with the unit question. 


Additionally, students begin building the podcast; this makes sure that they learn different aspects about the construction of a podcast, such as finding topics, creating a structure, asking and reflecting on meaningful questions, engaging in group discussions, creating visual and audio engagement through editing and design, and creating a social media presence through marketing. During the process, students can choose to find guest speakers and key points to include throughout their podcast episodes. All these elements tie together to fit the theme of the podcast, which requires the cohort to work collaboratively.