Know Your Brain

What's holding me back from being the best learner I can be? 

Did you ever ask yourself why you have trouble paying attention when you don't get as much sleep? Have you ever wondered why you feel more productive after doing sports activities? Do you know what are some ways in which you can boost your memory? 


These are some of the questions we ask as we take a closer look at the brain. This project is built on the notion that students don't always get to make the most out of their learning because they don't really know how the brain works. While reading Brain Rules, which breaks down the basic principles, you will learn how to be a more effective learner. And you will get to pay it forward by teaching mini-lessons about the brain to Middle School students.

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Emotions Matter

Purpose:  How do we control our emotions before they control us?

A healthy lifestyle requires that we be aware of our emotions. This is important especially for adolescents who, just like you, are going through new and unfamiliar experiences. 

You will start this project by reading Romeo and Juliet and look closely at the choices the main characters make and the effects these have on their lives and those of others. You will then craft a podcast channel with your peers. This will give you the opportunity to learn important media skills such as creating an engaging structure of a podcast episode, learning how to use voice purposefully, and creating a social media presence through marketing. During the process, you will reach out to guest expert speakers so that they can shed more light on the topic you are learning. 

Most importantly, this project will nudge you to reflect on your own behavioral patterns and apply what you have learned to your own life.    

Stories Waiting to be Told

What happens to us when we start to pay attention to the world around us? 

This project builds on the previous one; you will consolidate the skills necessary to craft compelling podcasts. This will not only allow you to revisit the media skills you have learned in the first semester such as the purposeful use of voice and the intentionality of the editing process but you will also figure out how to use this medium to tell other people's stories. 


You will do so by reaching out to members of the community to learn more about their perspectives and narrative. As you go through the process, you will need to find a fine balance between narration in the third person and storytelling in the first person. 


The main takeaway of this experience is that when you are attuned to the people around you, you will be able to make sense of the world around you and in that process understand yourself better.