"Always, in all subjects, there is the quest in my classroom for beauty, for quality, and we critique all that

we do for its level of care, craftsmanship and value."

From Ron Berger's essay titled "Beautiful Work"


Producing real work for real audiences enables our students to engage in work that matters. When they see a clear purpose for what they're doing, students are far more engaged and motivated to do their work better. Below are the projects that each grade level is currently working on.

Inspiring Action through Storytelling

In this project, students will use a design thinking approach to create a marketing campaign for a local organization of their choosing. Through this process, they will be learning about branding, marketing, human- centered design, and the fundamentals of storytelling to understand how brands engage and persuade their customers.


The final product will demonstrate the students' understanding of how digital media allows us to tell stories through voice, text, images, audio and video.



What does it mean to have depth? To write with depth? Capture a moment in depth? To research and know a topic in depth?

These are the questions at the heart of the first unit 10th graders explore in the IA. Their end product is a photography exhibition that raises awareness about a local issue here in Lima, Peru.

The Deep Dive