This is an overview of the schedule for grades 10, 11 and 12

Although the IA subjects appear as separate courses, they are interdisciplinary and project-based. Students collaborate to solve real problems for real audiences; in the process, we integrate the rigorous study of business, various forms of media, as well as an intense focus on English communication skills.

Innovation Academy Business & Humanities Courses

The global economy is tied to everything we do, from education to healthcare, and from global warming to daily shopping. So it's imperative that students have a solid understanding of the different facets of business. We'll also be focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship skills and leading projects that apply what we're learning so we add value to our local economy, rather than simply reading about it. 

Some areas of focus will include:

  • A documentary about a local economic issue in Lima

  • Investing in the stock market

  • Learning how to set up and run a small business

  • Publishing a magazine about great organizations in Lima

  • Developing an event that raises money for a local charity

  • Creating a marketing campaign for a local NGO in Lima

Innovation Academy Media & Design Courses

One of the key elements in studying the media is bias. How do we know what to believe, whom to believe, and when not to believe? This might seem fairly straightforward, but with so much covert bias and slippery techniques, it's not always as transparent. 

Through viewing and creating documentaries, advertisements, websites, and articles students learn to be critical consumers and producers of media. They also learn to evaluate sources while doing research. Above all, they learn to appreciate the power of media and to use that power positively. 

"Aiming straight for innovation without developing the imaginative and creative powers on which it depends, would be like an athlete hoping to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games but with no intention of exercising beforehand."
                          - Ken Robinson
Innovation Academy English Courses

Being able to communicate effectively in a variety of formats is imperative. For that reason, students analyze and produce a variety of text types: op-eds, essays, memos, business proposals, novels, plays, blogs, magazine articles, documentary films, news broadcasts, etc. 

But none of this is done in isolation. Students master the English language through the authentic projects they do. Students learn to use evocative vocabulary while giving a presentation to the community, they learn to vary their sentence structure in editorials for authentic audiences, and they understand the importance of being concise through Twitter.

Internship/ Independent Project

Each semester, students work on a project of their choice for 90 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays. The purpose is for them to be able to work on something they are passionate about or intrigued by, and lead their own learning from start to finish. We refer to this as their interest-based group project (IBG), because they can work with other students as well from different grade levels. Above all, students should use this as an opportunity to explore various interests or to grow towards master. Throughout the process, students must seek out experts in the field who mentor them along the way. 


Juniors and seniors also do one internship a year. Students spend around 15 hours a week for four weeks at a local company or organization to get adult-world experience in an area they might want to pursue as a future career.


With the completion of the academy, students have the opportunity to receive the US Diploma as well as the ​OPP Certificate.