Course Title: Get Over Yourself: How starting a business can force us to look beyond ourselves and bring value to others.

Brief Overview:  The focus of this unit is not only about launching a business. It's not even about making profit. The real focus is on how you, at 16 and 17 years old, can add value to your community. The greatest entrepreneurs are the ones who have made important contributions, who have created products that make our lives better, and who have added value to those around them. Through this project, you will certainly learn the principles of entrepreneurship, how to create a real business plan, the importance of iterating early and often.

Guiding Text: 

Interdisciplinary Courses

IA English 12 Honors

IA Media & Design 12 

IA Entrepeneurship

& Innovation 12

Area of Focus:

Business English

Social Media and Product Design

Starting a Business