Our Culture

There are five key elements that enable us to build and maintain the IA culture

 Working together breeds  learning and  innovation. We encourage students to collaborate on projects, and seek ongoing feedback constantly. This is how deep relationships are formed. 


   We collapse different courses together so that students can make connections across disciplines. The ability to connect together and apply a variety of skills is an essential in today's world.   


  In the IA, we entrust students with autonomy to choose their projects, to leave campus, and to design many of their own learning experiences. In the IA, students understand the importance of taking ownership of their own learning, are more curious, and know who they are and what they want.


 In the IA, students see the relevance in their work immediately because it has value beyond school and often provides value to our community. We have kids create real products and real work for real people. Rather than passively absorbing content, students construct their knowledge and their skills through authentic inquiry.


 In the IA, rigor is not defined by the quantity of stuff students do, but on the quality. In fact, we focus on one project at a time so students can go through several iterations to create work they’re proud of. And we try hard to make sure we’re letting students work at their own pace, because the pace of rigor isn’t the same for everyone either.