"Always, in all subjects, there is the quest in my classroom for beauty, for quality, and we critique all that

we do for its level of care, craftsmanship and value."

From Ron Berger's essay titled "Beautiful Work"


Producing real work for real audiences enables our students to engage in work that matters. When they see a clear purpose for what they're doing, students are far more engaged and motivated to do their work better. Below are the projects that each grade level is currently working on.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

During their final year in the IA, seniors must use all the skills they've acquired to open up their own business that serves a need in our community and provides value. 


This year, the students have decided to open up a smoothie shop called BlendZ.

Their mission: 
"To blend student entrepreneurs who inspire our community to lead playfully healthy lives."


How do we move people? That question is at the heart of the current project for the junior class. Through storytelling, media, and marketing, they're working hard to raise awareness about NGOs, organizations, and companies in Lima that they care about. 

At the same time, they're reading "To Sell is Human" and learning about marketing techniques, neuroscience, and more. 

Marketing, Media & Storytelling
Going from Good to Great

"Good is the enemy of great." This is the driving thesis behind Jim Collins' famous text "Good to Great," and the sophomores are exploring not only what it takes to be a great organization, but also what it means to be great leaders. 

They're taking that knowledge and creating a magazine that highlights the organizations in Lima that have gone from good to great and telling their story.