"Always, in all subjects, there is the quest in my classroom for beauty, for quality, and we critique all that

we do for its level of care, craftsmanship and value."

From Ron Berger's essay titled "Beautiful Work"


Producing real work for real audiences enables our students to engage in work that matters. When they see a clear purpose for what they're doing, students are far more engaged and motivated to do their work better. Below are the projects that each grade level is currently working on.

GRADES 11 & 12
Iterating through Life

Design thinking has caught on as a useful tool for making companies more innovative, for making schools more effective and even for making small projects better. But what about using design thinking for our lives? Could we live better if we did more research on how others live? Could we live better if we prototyped and experimented more? And what if we synthesized our findings and looked for patterns and ideas? Finally, what if we could see life as one ongoing iteration rather than something so fixed?


The Power of Design

In this project,  the cohort turns into a publishing firm. Students hone their writing skills by creating a professional magazine that brings value to our community.  As part of the process, they reach out to experts in the field and focus on the essential skills in making a magazine. Students take on different roles ranging from marketing the magazine to designing its layout and editing articles. Indeed the overt purpose of this project is for students to become better at self-management and develop their creative thinking skills.