• Business marketing, Telling stories through multimedia and human behavior




  • Make an ADVERTISEMENT for a local company.

    • Research who they are and what their story is.

    • Tell their story in the most appropriate form of media.

      • Print. Video. Billboard. Online. Magazine ad.

    • Utilize design thinking.

  • TEDTalk

    • Tell the most profound and moving story you know.

    • It can be a personal story. It can be an issue you care deeply about. 

  • Develop a WEBSITE

    • Create a personal website that highlights who you are and what you do and how you add value.


    • At the end of each semester, you'll present your most important learnings from each project.


    • During your first semester, you'll work for four weeks at a local company of your choice.

    • Ideally, we'd like you to find a small company where you can add value by working with them on their marketing.

    • This will count as one of your final exams.

  • iPOL (Internship Presentation of Learning)

    • This will be similar to the POL but it will focus entirely on your internship.

    • It will also count as one of your final exams.​​

​​​*Students can opt out of any project above if they pitch & plan an alternative that works better for them & their interests. 




  • How do I move people?

  • How can media help me make my story more powerful?

  • What does it mean to add value?

  • How can I add value to my community?




  • By the end of the semester, STUDENTS WILL HAVE LEARNED TO:

    • start every project--and everything they do--with the WHY (BUSINESS MARKETING)

    • use Adobe Photoshop (MEDIA)

    • build a website (MEDIA & ENGLISH & BUSINESS MARKETING)

    • take professional photos and use professional DSLR cameras (MEDIA)

    • critically view a variety of forms of media and texts (MEDIA & ENGLISH)

    • implement protocols when collaborating in groups (BUSINESS)

    • write and publish a news article (ENGLISH)

    • tell an important story through a variety of media (ENGLISH & MEDIA)

    • present in front of a live audience (ENGLISH)

    • apply the basic principles of marketing (Business)

    • organize their own learning (BUSINESS)

    • be self-disciplined (BUSINESS)

    • work in a professional environment (INDEPENDENT PROJECT/INTERNSHIP)

*This is a list of the most essential learning outcomes. You will certainly learn a great deal more than can be written here.



"Start with the WHY" - Simon Sinek