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Tenth-Grade PROJETCS

The Deep Dive

What does it mean to think deeply?

In the Deep Dive, forms groups with others students within the cohort to research a local social issue that you are interested in tackling. Throughout the project, you will undergo different stages of research which allow for a deeper understanding of the issue. Some of this research takes you to go beyond school and interview specific people to find a solution for the problem.

You also have the opportunity to learn photography from an expert and take pictures that reflect the issue you are investigating. These photographs will later be showcased in an exhibition open for the Roosevelt community and the general public.


How can we intentionally shape people's experiences?

Another project the 10th-grade cohort works on is the IA Magazine, where we concentrate on the purposefulness when designing it. Our main focus is the audience's experience when reading the magazine. Therefore, you learn different aspects about the construction of a magazine, such as writing an article, creating the layout of the magazine, photography visuals, financing, marketing, editing, etc. All these roles are allocated to different students, giving them certain responsibility and reliance on one another. The first step in this project is to find a theme that goes along with all the articles being written. Once that is decided amongst the cohort, you will begin the research on your topic for the article. During the process, you will go on field trips to get interview people and get information for your topic. 

All the articles tie together to fit the theme of the magazine, which requires the cohort to work collaboratively.

The Vulnerability Project

How do I know I'm good enough when my head tells me I'm not?

IA web_v7_partes_25_edited.png

Adolescence is a time of uncertainty when people are bombarded by physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. As you read and discuss J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, you will analyze Holden through the lens of vulnerability and in doing so make personal connections.

As you continue to reflect on your own life, you will work with your critical buddies to share your own life experiences and listen to theirs.  We assume that trust leads to vulnerability, but often times it's the other way round. By getting vulnerable with your peers, you will not only understand yourself better but also build deeper relationships with them.

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