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 Our teachers

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Joe Bonnici

IA Coordinator & 9th-grade Teacher

Joe hails from Malta. What he loves the most about the IA is the notion of a tightly-knit group of adolescents solving problems together. He is fond of the deep relationships he has built with his students over the years.


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Nellie Bridge

10th-grade Teacher (2018-2020)

Nellie had a way of bringing the best out of her students in the IA. In her own words, one of the realizations she has had in the IA is "that sharing personal writing out loud together helps us become us." She will never forget that time when at the sight of a cockroach, Dani screamed, "It's a stranger! Don't kill it!"

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    Whitney Little

    10th-grade Teacher 

    Whitney and the IA were meant to be. The students vouch for her ability to create a culture of trust in class. Indeed, her educational philosophy of balancing out the teaching of academic and social-emotional skills reflects the values of the program. 

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    Marney Rosen

    11th & 12th-grade Teacher (2017-2018)

    Her former students still rave about Marney's ability to inculcate in them the importance of intentional language when communicating. Teaching in the IA has helped her appreciate the importance relationships play in learning. Marney is currently back in Canada where she continues to inspire adolescents.


      Corey Topf

      IA Founder & IA Online Director

      Without Corey's vision, there would be no IA. The one thing that Corey cherishes the most, is the pride he felt every time his IA classes donned the blue robe at the end of 12th grade. Apart from being the IA Online director, Corey will also be stepping into the role of Pathways Coordinator at the American International School of Budapest.  

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      Bill Cotter

      11th-grade Educator (2014-2016)

      Some of the best memories we have with Bill are the jammin' sessions we had in those early years, so vital for the development of the program. Colleagues and students could always trust Bill to be compassionate and trustworthy. He is now a Director of Educational Programming at Shoulder to Shoulder.

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